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  ciloa exosomes with HA membrane proteins

Ciloa offers a highly advanced tool - the native membrane proteins on exosomes - for developing new vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, diagnostics and new kinds of therapies

The challenge of native membrane protein antigens

The antigens used to develop monoclonal antibodies that recognize conformational epitopes must exhibit fully native conformation. At the same time, membrane protein antigens with native conformation combined with potent adjuvants are required to develop vaccines.

The folding conditions for water soluble proteins have been well established in the scientific community at this time. On the other hand, proper folding is challenging for integral membrane proteins, which are present in a heterogeneous environment (hydrophilic and hydrophobic). Several conditions are required for folding, including glycosylation, oligomerization, proteolytic cleavage, and phospholipid membrane environment. As the precise combination of all of these factors is crucial for eukaryotic cells, they dictate the use of a specific mechanism with the corresponding enzymes, chaperones, and strict quality controls in order to produce fully native membrane proteins.

The scientific community is well-aware that these specific constraints can be satisfied for human membrane proteins only by expression in human cells, or at least in animal cells. Therefore, most human membrane proteins produced either synthetically, by E.coli, yeast, or insect cells cannot present a fully native conformation. When membrane proteins produced in human cells are detergent-extracted, to be subsequently reintroduced or not in liposomes, they lose their native conformations.

Get ready for a reliable source for native membrane antigens

Until now, the best source of native membrane proteins for the development of antibodies has been whole cells expressing these proteins, or membranes purified from these cells, or VLPs (Viral Like Particles containing HIV or MuLV capsids). Unfortunately, the low concentration of  membrane proteins and the high amount of other proteins (like those of viral capsids) are major drawbacks for developing strong and specific immune responses targeting membrane proteins that are generally poor immunogens.

A source of fully native membrane proteins combined with potent immuno-stimulatory factors, can dramatically improve the development of antibody and cellular immune responses specific to conformational epitopes of membrane protein targets.

Ciloa now offers you this source of native membrane proteins combined to a potent natural adjuvant. This unprecedented synergy leads to strong immune responses against challenging targets that can be used to develop monoclonal antibodies and vaccines.