Work with membrane proteins without using cell cultures

With Ciloa, you no longer have to use cell cultures or viruses to work with membrane proteins, no matter what you are working on:


Membrane proteins that are easy to handle

Handle native membrane proteins in suspension, in characterized batches. Work on GPCRs, ion channels, kinase receptors, viral proteins & more, like you've never been able to do before.

  ciloa exosome electron microscopy 2

Fully native membrane proteins on exosomes

Use fully native and well-folded membrane proteins on exosomes.
Leverage Ciloa to imagine new kinds of vaccines, therapeutics, monoclonal antibodies, and diagnostics.

Therapeutic antibodies

Fully native membrane antigens (GPCRs, receptor kinases, adhesion molecules, ion channels, viral envelope proteins ...) on natural nanovesicles called exosomes are known to be potent immuno-stimulators. These exosomes allow to develop antibodies via both immunization  (in vivo originating antibodies) and selection of phage libraries (in vitro originating antibodies). In addition, screening and characterization of  monoclonal antibodies are easy using ELISA and SPR on membrane proteins presented by exosomes.

Preventive & therapeutic vaccines

No pathogens are necessary to develop vaccines against tumor cells, viruses, bacteria or parasites using membrane proteins (GPCRs, viral envelope proteins …) sorted in their native conformation on exosomes. Exosomes are potent immuno-stimulators able to trigger  protective immune response. The combination of both, a perfect antigen and a potent natural adjuvant, leads to the perfect candidate vaccine. Ciloa develops a proprietary pipeline of preventive & therapeutic vaccines based on exosomes.

New diagnostics

Native transmembrane proteins on exosomes make possible to develop new kinds of diagnostic tests to detect molecules that are specific to the conformational structure of membrane proteins.  Several tags, such as biotin, GFP, hexa-His, and more, can be added on the targeted membrane proteins to help detection.  Detection can be performed using classic ELISA techniques or SPR.

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