Develop safe preventive and therapeutic vaccines with Ciloa exosomes

Making safe & intelligent vaccines by the use of Ciloa modified exosomes

Exosomes are known to activate immune responses through various mechanisms, including transfering antigens to dendritic cells, presentating antigens to T lymphocytes, and activating natural killer cells. In addition, several functional co-stimulatory molecules naturally present on exosomes are able to enhance immune responses. Thus, exosomes presenting antigens trigger efficient protection without any added adjuvants.

As cell-free nanovesicules that do not require the use of a viral mechanisms for assembly,  exosome-based vaccines offer a high bio-safety profile. It is important to note that it has been shown that production processes can be scaled-up for clinical assays.

With Ciloa approach, knowledge of the gene sequence is the only requirement for producing antigen-bearing exosomes allowing efficient protective  vaccination.

Vaccine pipeline based on exosomes

Ciloa has developed a pipeline of candidate-vaccines based on Exosome technology.  Ciloa vaccine pipeline