Receptor ligands


With Ciloa exosomes, use Surface Plasmon Resonance to screen ligands of native membrane receptors.

Versatile solutions for ligand screening

Ligand binding on membrane receptors is currently followed mainly by FRET and cytofluorimetry analysis using receptor expressing cells.

With exosomes presenting receptors, you can still use your familiar analytical technique. But now, thanks to the very small size of exosomes, you can also use Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)!

SPR is considered as the most versatile and powerful analytical technique available at this time for screening ligands of  non-labeled proteins. Before Ciloa, SPR was mostly reserved to soluble proteins.

With membrane proteins presented by exosomes, SPR enables you to automate your screening using fully native non-labeled membrane proteins. SPR also enables you to identify both the ligands and their affinity constants at once.