Monoclonal antibodies


Exosomes tailored with GPCR or any membrane proteins by Ciloa are unique immunogens for developing monoclonal antibodies.

Generally speaking, it is a challenge to develop monoclonal antibodies recognizing conformational epitopes. This is particularly true for proteins with multi-transmembrane domains, such as GPCRs.

Ciloa offers clients the ability to leverage unique qualities of membrane proteins harbored by exosomes, thus helping at several stages:

1. Immunization

The development of specific immune response is helped by:

  • Exosome functions in natural immune response
  • High concentration of antigen
  • Few contaminants
  • Proteins with fully native conformation

2. Screening of hybridomas

Rapid selection of monoclonal antibody hits by ELISA, SPR (Surface Plasmon Resonance) and/or by cytofluorimetry:

  • No antigen labeling required
  • Screening automation
  • Immediate access to affinity constants

3. Affinity enhancement

Easier affinity enhancement of leads using phage-display:

  • Baits with few contaminants
  • Easy-to-handle baits
  • Baits that can be coated on supports