Product qualities

  ciloa exosomes GR2

Ciloa produces concentrated native membrane proteins using only natural eucaryotic cellular machineries, without use of mutagenesis, detergents or viral capsids. The membrane protein antigens produced are identical to that at of cell or pathogen surfaces

Perfect membrane proteins on exosome

Unlike any other offer, Ciloa membrane proteins are truly produced in their native form. This means that, except for the added exosome pilot peptide, the protein is exactly the same as the wild-type original:

• No mutagenization of either ectodomain(s) or transmembrane  domain(s).
• The membrane protein presents all of its natural post-translational modifications.
• The membrane protein is naturally inserted in a natural phospholipid environment.
• Several proteins can be targeted in exosomes, allowing reconstitution of membrane protein complexes.
• Protein concentration is high, the contamination with other proteins is far lower than that of  both membrane protein extracts or membrane proteins of whole cells.
• The membrane protein is in suspension without any detergent or other artefactual manipulations.
• The purest form available for truly native antigenic membrane proteins.

When combined to potent natural adjuvant properties of exosomes, the result works to your advantage

• Handling membrane protein antigens is now easy.
Membrane protein antigens are naturally associated with cellular components that trigger strong immune responses.
• Different methods have been developed (ELISA, Cytofluorimetry, SPR) allowing easy screening and analysis of ligand-membrane protein interactions.

Thus, the development of monoclonal antibodies recognizing conformational epitopes of native proteins is facilitated both at the immunization stage and at the screening stage.

Only the Ciloa technological platform can offer this panel of synergic qualities for development of therapeutic targeting membrane proteins.

Exosomes are stable and homogenous nanovesicles

Exosomes expressing CD8-alpha
membrane proteins present
homogenous size distribution
that peaks at 80 nm
(NanosightTM results).