How Ciloa helps


No mutation, no detergent and no VLPs are needed to obtain fully native membrane proteins out of cells. Ciloa exosomes offer you a new way to reach your goals in development of therapeutic & preventive vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, immunotherapies, diagnostics targeting membrane proteins.

Fully native membrane proteins

Now you don't have to use cell cultures for working with membrane proteins. More, you will not use Viral Like particles (VLPs), detergent extracted or mutated proteins to obtain fully native membrane proteins (GPCRs, ion channels, transporters, viral proteins…) out of cells. Ciloa tailors natural nanovesicles called exosomes to produce your membrane proteins - any type, with single or multi-transmembrane domains - at high concentrations, in their fully native conformation and out of cells. Your membrane protein will retain all of its natural post-translational modifications such as: glycosylation, multimerization, cleavage, etc. In addition, several proteins can be targeted on the same exosomes allowing to reconstitute hetero-oligomeric complexes embedded in a membrane.

Easy to store, easy to handle

Exosomes are easy to store  (4°C, -20°C) and easy to handle, as they are non-live, non-infectious particles with a volume 10-7 smaller than that of a cell.

Exosomes properties are remarkable:
• they are potent immuno-stimulators of immune response able to protect against pathogens and to induce tumor regression.
• they are able to pass through the Blood Brain Barrier.

Ciloa produces native membrane proteins on exosomes that offer a reliable, time-efficient, and cost-effective way to help you to reach your goals.